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About Us

Brothers Lawn Care Services is a family owned and operated business based out of Columbus, Ohio. We have been in business for two years; but I have had a green thumb, for several years.   I started learning this trade in Illinois and it carried over to Ohio. I am also a Marine Corps veteran.  When people see my logo they immediately think it is about a "blood brother" but it is not that simple. It means brothers (and sisters) in arms.

We started this company to assist the elderly... The people who can't look after there lawn themselves, the seasoned people who do not have family members close by to assist them with the lawn care. They are our reason to serve. Our goal is to provide an affordable, dependable,  and quality lawn care service to both small commercial and residential clients alike. Feel free to browse through our service section of the website. We offer a wide selection of maintenance solutions for your lawn care needs.
How this particular mower cuts is great. The first pass made the grass look like a carpet.


With Brothers Lawn Care services; after mowing, your lawn will look like a carpet. Mowed both evenly and precisely brings out the natural looks of your landscape. It will leave your neighbors speechless!! We have an array of mowers that can get in large and small spaces.

You must seed and treat the lawn. No exceptions!
Lawn Care Services

Mowing plays a great part in lawn care health. However; there are other services to consider, such as lawn treatments. Lawn care also involves chemical treatments as well as mowing to keep the lawn healthy through out the season.
Needs work and mulch. We are on it!
Gardening Or Flowerbed Maintenance

Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture. Unfortunately; most people do not have the time or patience to deal with gardening. No worries!! That's where Brothers Lawn Care Services comes to the rescue. We specializes in horticulture! Leave your flowerbed work too us!
Leaf Removal Service
Leaf Removal Service

Every fall no one looks forward to raking all those leaves. Not a Problem!! Brothers Lawn Care Services specializes in leaf removal. With our trusty leaf blower and hand rakes those leaves will be a memory until next fall.

Residential Pressure Washing

Over time the exterior of your home collects grime, and dirt. Power washing your home restores the exterior of your home by removing the dirt and grime from it. In most cases the exterior returns to an almost brand new look!! When was your home pressure washed? Take a look and contact us for a free estimate!! Click!!


Our professional lawn care technicians are here for you! Did you know that Brothers Lawn Care Services has the staff to tackle most jobs, providing both residential and light commercial lawn care services? We will make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits to your home or office-whatever you prefer the most.
We are here to enhance your properties appearance, working to ensure that your property's curb appeal improves dramatically. Like anything it all begins with a simple phone call. Click this link please!! 

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